Weeknight Dinners


Week 1
Entree 1 Herbed chicken over balsamic roasted vegetables and brown rice with balsamic glaze

Entree 2 Weeknight bolognese over hearty whole grain pasta shells

Entree 3 Grilled chicken* tacos with roasted tomato salsa, corn, black beans, and spinach, whole wheat tortillas, cumin-dusted brown rice

Dessert 1 Gluten-free peanut butter rice krispy treats with chocolate ganache

Dessert 2 Soft and buttery snickerdoodle cookies

Dessert 3 Strawberry rhubarb oat crumble

Week 2

Entree 1 Buttermilk Roasted Chicken with rosemary potatoes

Entree 2 Sauteed Fish over Winter Fruits Farro Salad

Entree 3 Coffee Brined Chicken with Sauteed Garlic Greens and Fluffy Biscuits

How it works

Meals are offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Each dinner serves a family of 4 ($40.00) or family of 6 ($60.00.)
Weekly dessert options will be listed; these are not included, but can be added!
Orders should be placed by 24 hours in advance via email (maryglynch@gmail.com) or phone (601-754-6279)
Delivery charge of $5.00 for locations within 7 miles of my kitchen and $10.00 for delivery outside of this area.
All heating/preparation instructions will be attached to dinners and also posted online

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