1. Do you offer gluten-free options?
Yes I do! Though I do not cook in a certified gluten-free kitchen, I offer gluten-free meals and desserts.  I will be happy to accommodate any special diet requests!
2. Can I order meals to send as gifts?
Yes you can! Great idea! Simply contact me with the special address!
3. What kind of ingredients do you use?
I use the highest quality of ingredients.  I only buy antibiotic/hormone-free meats, 100% organic dairy products, natural, whole grains, and minimally processed foods.  I try not to use butter, except when baking.  I find my ingredients all over the great city of Dallas.  The majority of my ingredients come from the Dallas Farmer’s Market, Central Market, and Whole Foods.
4. Will you cook something that is not on the menu?
Of course! I generally stick to my monthly menu for week night dinners; however, if you have a party, gathering, etc. and need something special, or have an idea off-the-menu, please ask! I always love cooking new dishes and really appreciate ideas and feedback!

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