enjoy caters

enjoy caters! Family dinners, casseroles, salads, lunches, desserts, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding parties, weekend get-a-ways…vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free…whatever your needs are, we can help!

As a trained natural, health-supportive chef, I have worked in one of New York’s most popular farm-to-table restaurants, Rouge Tomate.  I have also taught cooking demonstrations at NYC’s Union Square Green Market, as well as worked along James Beard Foundation chefs at the James Beard House.

I am now using my skills to cook for something that I believe in – family dinners.  I believe dinner around the table with your family is one of the most important parts of the day, for both children and adults.  I offer healthy, delicious meals to make it easier for families to gather together.

Weekly Meals
Do you want to have family dinner but don’t always have time to prepare a delicious, healthy meal every night of the week? Enjoy weeknight dinners are the perfect solution! I will plan a new and delicious menu each month that offers 3 family-friendly meals per week, offered Tuesday-Thursday. Each entree will provide a healthy, balanced, nutrient-dense meal for a family of 4-6. Check out weeknight dinner tab for more information and the menu of the month!

**Great Gift Idea – send an enjoy family meal to friends, relatives, new parents, new neighbors…!

Please contact me via email at maryglynch at gmail dot com!

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