Cooking Lately…

This past week has been a busy one,  cooking for lots of different things.  Even though I love cooking, I’ve noticed that I still cook in a very disciplined and systematic way… remnants of my cooking days at Rouge Tomate I think.  I’m working on relaxing.  Making my time spent in the kitchen more of dance than a military march.  It will take time…

I thought I’d post a series of pictures – the life in my kitchen this past week

Carrots Cookies

We had Easter brunch with 4 families from church.  These carrot cookies looked so festive and pretty on the dessert table!  The kids LOVED them.  If you have a birthday party, spring/summer event, or want to brighten someone’s day, I can do any shape.  Feel free to contact me to order! (also applies to any desserts you see – cakes, brownies, pies, and more!)

Easter Bunnies

The Easter bunnies had potential… I ran out of buttercream after the carrots and was too lazy to finish! I’ve nibbled on these cookies all week long. They are almond sugar cookies with a lemon glaze.  So delicious!

Macaron with Grapefruit Buttercream

I promise I do more than bake, but I love sweets… These are vanilla macarons with grapefruit buttercream. Did you know most macarons are naturally gluten-free? These are such a fresh treat for a spring picnic.

Avocado, Bacon, Fried Egg, Tomato Sandwich

I found these great miniature whole wheat loaves of bread at Central Market.  They are made made in-house and are the perfect size for a breakfast sandwich.  We had fried egg, turkey bacon, avocado, and tomato sandwiches for dinner one night last week! They were honestly so good.

Happy Monday!

… enjoy