Hi! Welcome to my blog.  That’s me on the left
with my wonderful husband, Scott.  He’s my
official taste tester.

The Short Stack
Enjoy, the blog, is about food, what I cook
day in and day out.  I love to cook! And I hope
that things I write can help you love to cook as well,
so that you too can find joy in cooking!

If you want to know more…
I grew up in Mississippi, in the kitchen with my mom.  We had family supper every night around a big wooden table.  To me, food brings joy, laughter, chaos, love, family… this is why I love to cook.

I went to college at The University of Mississippi and studied to be a nurse, but in my free time, I worked at a local bakery and catered some on my own.  I loved it.  After college, I moved to New York for culinary school. I went to the Natural Gourmet Culinary Institute, a health-supportive school focusing on the effect that food has on health and well-being.  New York is the best city in the world, culinary school was the most fun 6 months of my life!  After culinary school, I worked at Rouge Tomate, a farm-to-table restaurant specializing in health-conscious cooking.  A Mississippi girl in a NYC Michelin-starred kitchen = whole new world.  I learned alot working here, it was an amazing experience.  After 7 months at the restaurant, I got married and moved to Dallas, TX with my  husband.  I tried nursing for a few months, but I just couldn’t be away from cooking.  So here I am again… I have a small business cooking dinner for families, parties, and teaching others to shop and cook in a health-supportive way.

My philosophy on food
I like to eat real food.  I try not to eat processed things, but every now and then, it happens.  Alot of vegetables, a little meat, a little sugar (or sometimes alot).  I don’t like fancy ingredients, caviar, truffle oil… fussy ingredients hide natural, delicious flavors most of the time.  I believe an apple a day will definitely keep the doctor away.  I’ve tried lots of approaches to eating… vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, etc… but I find I do better with a little bit of everything.  Some people don’t… Its important to know yourself and what your body needs.  Denying things that your body craves for the sake of “health” is not always best.  This concept is called BIOINDIVIDUALITY.

I once heard someone mention the 70/30 philosophy – if 70% of your diet comes from real, natural, whole foods, and the other 30% from other things, don’t stress.  I try to live by this, maybe more like 80/20, but still.. there’s wiggle room!

What I Do
I cook, I bake, I mix, I chop…. I do just about anything! If you need a personal chef, family dinner for Wednesday night, cookies for a birthday party, a treat for the weekend, dinner for a family friend, and more.
Other creative ideas I’m available for:
– Cooking demonstration for women’s weekend/retreat/mom’s night out
– Couples cooking lesson date night
– Kid’s cook birthday party
– “Teach the Bride to Cook” Bridal Shower

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