Rouge Tomate’s New Food Cart

While living in NYC, I worked at Rouge Tomate, an fancy upper-side farm-to-table restaurant.  I look back on my days at Rouge Tomate with love and hate.  The intensity and pace of the kitchen are like nothing I can describe.  There’s nothing like a true southern girl trying to survive in a successful Manhattan kitchen run by seasoned New York chefs.  They had never seen anyone like me, and I had never seen anyone like them! But I made wonderful relationships and learned amazing things about food. I was pushed well beyond what I thought were my limits, and I grew so much as a cook and a person.

Last year, Rouge Tomate opened a food cart right outside of the Central Park Zoo.  My favorite thing to order was the  B.L.T. with thick, maple bacon, luscious red tomatoes, and crisp spring lettuce in between two thick pieces of fresh sourdough.  The chilled sweet corn soup and fresh juices were also wonderful.

Today is the opening day for the Rouge Tomate’s food cart 2012.  The menu features 2 different burgers with toppings like salsa verde and arugula, pickled ramps and horseradish yogurt.  There’s also a moroccan chicken sandwich with minted yogurt, harissa sauce, and wild arugula.  For the vegetarians, the cart offers a “meatless greek” with portobello mushroom, feta, tomato, and cucumber tzatziki.  I suggest Rouge Tomate lemonade – it’s the perfect balance of mint and lemon with a touch of bubbly zip.

If you’re in the area, stop by the cart at 64th and 5th! You won’t be sorry!

Check out this article featured on the New York Times Diner’s Journal

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